Yarn Along (8)

( Joining in with Small Things and the weekly Yarn Along )

I finished one project last night (my egg cosy of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s’) and another one this afternoon…


… which is part of a larger project for The Boy. This is, very much, part of a larger project – soft sculptures based on the BBC series of ‘The Musketeers’, which we watch on a Monday evening after dinner (because it’s on too late for him to watch on a Sunday night!). So far, using Little Cotton Rabbits patterns as a base, we’re halfway through the Rabbit Musketeers and have two Silver Fox Cardinal Richelieu’s (only one of which has been completed, as it’s a gift for someone The Boy adores beyond measure). Right now, I’m halfway through knitting a hat for ‘Athos’, but the light is appalling so no photographs… yet!

But we’re having a lot of fun, The Boy and I, as we try to figure out how to make the clothes for them. Those aren’t Little Cotton Rabbit patterns, I have to admit, more a case of bodged out of my own brain cells in as close an approximation to the series stills as I can get… in knitting. For rabbits and foxes. There was a lengthy conversation about how to knit a hat to fit over a rabbit’s head with spaces for the ears to fit through on the way home from school, this afternoon.

Completely normal… right?

As for what we’re reading right now… when The Boy started to show his interest in the series, I dug out my copy of Dumas‘ classic which I was given when I was very young. It’s a version specifically written for children (although I re-read the “proper” version every other year, as I’ve always loved the series, and Dumas, actually – The Boy’s first middle name is in honour of him) and he’s thoroughly enjoying it.

Which is pretty fantastic, if you ask me…


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