Yarn Along (10)

( Joining in with Small Things and the weekly Yarn Along )


Following on from last week’s contribution to the Yarn Along (which can be found here), the Old Shale scarf which I’m knitting out of a skein of FabFunkyFibres 4ply merino yarn called “Sunshine On A Cloudy Day”, is coming along somewhat nicely and I’m still rather reminded of a summer’s day (even The Boy says that the way the yarn is pooling reminds him of the seaside in summer, so…) when I’m knitting it. Hopefully when it’s finished – and there’s still an awfully long way to go on it until that day – it will brighten up a few dreary winter days from around my neck!

However. The Old Shale scarf isn’t the only item which I have on the needles at the moment…

After the fiasco of winding the hank of “Sunshine” into a ball, I invested in a yarn swift. It’s not a particularly beautiful one, being made of wire and what appears very much to be plastic straws over those which hold the yarn around its umbrella mechanism, but it does the job. And, well, it was relatively inexpensive. Never having used a yarn swift before (although I’ve certainly drooled over the absolutely beautiful simplicity of many of the wooden ones), I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on something that I’d not be able to use. We’re starting small, The Boy and I, with the one we have and… maybe… one day… we’ll upgrade to one which he can keep and use if he’s still dying yarn when he’s older.

Our swift, as can be seen below, has already been used…


(Please excuse the clutter of my work area… I’m not the most domestic of people!)

To wind a ball of incredibly beautiful DK yarn from a hank which we bought from Five Moons Yarn – “Moonlight Sonata”, which is a OOAK blend of (and I quote from the website): “Darkest indigo and royal purple, deep bluebell and myosotis, slate, silver and soft dove grey, with muted green gold and bronzed sage.” Honestly, this yarn is incredibly beautiful to both look at and to touch – it is so soft, it’s like the breath of a newborn baby! – and I am very grateful to Hilly Town Blue (who is a best friend from university, of one of my oldest friends from school) for the recommendation.


This “Moonlight” yarn is rapidly becoming a scarf for The Boy to gift The Girl with on her upcoming birthday in August. The last scarf which I was knitting for her, and which I was approximately half way through, was mislaid somewhere. Well, actually, it was in a canvas tote which I had taken to a meeting and which seems to have grown legs and walked. Someone else lost their purse that day, too, so it could have been a lot worse… but The Boy and I had been on the hunt for a replacement yarn which wouldn’t remind me of the mislaid scarf (I don’t like knitting when seething with irrational irritation, funnily enough), and a pattern which could be knitted up quickly enough that there would be a finished item by the start of August.

One of The Girl’s favourite pieces of classical music is Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14… or, as it’s more commonly referred to, “Moonlight Sonata“, whilst her favourite colours are purple, royal blue and khaki (or olive) green. So when Hilly Town Blue suggested that we take a look at Five Moons Yarn, and we saw their OOAK hank of yarn which was not only a combination of The Girl’s favourite colours but also named after one of her favourite pieces of classical music… well, it seemed like Kismet!


Et Voila!

Another scarf is being knitted for The Girl’s birthday. We’re… well, actually, I’m using the Peacock Scarf Pattern from The Piper’s Girls blog (after all, The Boy doesn’t knit… yet!), and we’re both amazed by how quickly and how incredibly beautifully it is knitting up.


With any luck, come August, there’ll be a photograph of The Girl wearing a completed item whilst The Boy looks proudly on…


2 responses to “Yarn Along (10)

  1. I’m so glad you found the perfect yarn. Your girl will look beautiful in that scarf, it will really bring out her lovely colouring. Great choice of pattern as well.

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